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Grace For All Publications is a sacred music publishing company ministering to the church music needs of local churches and Christian schools. Whether you conduct a small or large choir, are a part-time or full-time song leader, choir director or minister of music, we have beautiful conservative Christian sheet music that is written for churches who still believe in conservative Christian music styles.

Many of our Bible-believing churches are drifting away from the traditional music of the church for a more contemporary Christian music sound. By contemporary, I do not mean “modern” but rather music which sounds like the music of the world. Church musicians should reject any music that would bring the world’s music into church. Choir directors can use our conservative Christian music without apology for contemporary sounds or questionable rhythms. Rest assured, our approach to church music is to provide sacred sheet music that is free from questionable associations.

The best way to guard against contemporary music working its way into your church services is to establish a solid music philosophy based on the principles found in God’s Word and secondly, begin to build a music library of conservative Christian music to use with your church choir and special music program.

Grace For All Publications is here to help along the way, assuring you of a quality church music program. We look forward to assisting you with any questions concerning our conservative Christian sheet music or showing you how our church music can be used during your next revival, mission’s conference, or general church service.

by David West

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